Remove functionality to improve usability

November 28, 2011

The stock of ABC (AmerisourceBergen Corp) split 2 for 1 on June 15, 2009. The split doubled the number of shares that each of the thousands of ABC stockholders held. For those tracking their investments with Quicken, each would then need to enter a transaction to record the stock split.

Having each of our customers enter the same publicly available information about a stock split seems like a missed opportunity. If Realized-app stored the stock split once, then why should it ever need to be entered again?

Realized automatically applies stock splits

As an example, two investors have purchased ABC stock. The first bought 100 shares on March 1, 2009 (before the stock split). The second bought 200 shares last week. Today, each holds 200 shares.

How does the share quantity of the first investor get adjusted for the split? The Realized-app already stores stock split info. Rather than asking the first investor to record the stock split, the Realized-app applies the stock split to that holding during the tax lot setup process.

Better usability

Because a web app uses a common data store, it can share public information among individual accounts. By reusing the specifics about a stock split among all of our users, Realized-app has removed one source of redundant or erroneous data input. In effect, we have improved the usability by removing the functionality of recording a stock split.

Tags: usability